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10:30 am

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Harper Park Middle School

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What is The City?

The Vision: There’s a big vision behind The City, and it comes from the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:14-16. It’s a vision of technology being leveraged to help the Church live as a city set on a hill, shining the light of the Gospel to the whole world. What is The City? The City is a communication tool created for the entire church to use. It is a single plac...

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Sunday: August 17, 2014

We have the privilege this week of hearing from one of our Ruling Elders, Dave Kamienski (aka "Coach K"), preaching this week's sermon on Matthew 26:31-46. The passage covers Jesus' prediction of Peter's denials, His sorrow in the Garden, and His rebuke of the sleeping disciples. It's a great passage to put ourselves in the middle of an intense situation: how would you fee...

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Sunday: August 10, 2014

This Sunday we will be looking at Matthew 26:17-30. The title of the sermon is, "The Supper of the King." As we dive into God's word we are going to see three points: (1) Preparation for the Lord’s Supper, (2) A Betrayal at the Lord’s Supper, and lastly (3) The Lord’s Supper itself. And as we look at these three sections of our text, we are going to learn...

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Sunday: August 3, 2014

It's all action from here on out! This week we'll be looking at Matthew 16:1-16, where the author transitions from Jesus' public teaching ministry to the climax of his arrest, death on the cross, and resurrection from the dead. Matthew doesn't record the events chronologically because he's trying to get his readers to ask themselves a penetrating question: "What is Jesus ...

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Sunday: July 27, 2014

"We were ruined in our sin / We were guilty and undone / When Your love reached down with sovereign hands /And beckoned us to come. And when Christ our King returns / We'll meet saints we've never known / And forever we will be amazed / That You made us Your own. You have loved us like You love Your Son / We are heirs with Christ, bought by His blood / Oh how great the lov...

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Sunday: July 20, 2014

This week in Matthew 25:14-30, we are going to see Jesus remind us that how we live matters. For the past couple of weeks we've been looking at the aspect of waiting and being ready for Jesus' final return to judge both the living and the dead, but this week Jesus turns his attention to how we are to wait for his return. As we look at "The Parable of the Ten Talents" we w...

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Sunday: July 13, 2014

I am so glad to be back from the Bahamas Mission Trip. If you haven't seen the pictures on Facebook, the team will be giving a presentation this coming Sunday during the worship service. It was a great trip that we're hoping to return to next summer! I'm excited to be the Interim Pastor while Dr. Dave is away on Sabbatical. Having worked side-by-side with him for over 12 ...

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Sunday: June 29, 2014

Well, we're finally back from the PCA's General Assembly in Houston, TX (Joanne and I had to stop in Baton Rouge on the way back so I could baptize my granddaughter Emma!). General Assembly got all their business done, and as usual, it was great to see a lot of old friends. We passed three major items (which I'll talk more about on Sunday). First was a Child Abuse Awarenes...

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Sunday: July 6, 2014

This week, Jesus continues to tell us about his Second Coming, as he addresses the disciples' question of: "When?" The certainty of his return already confronts us with whether we are prepared for it, but the uncertainty of exactly when he will return also forces each one of us to wrestle with the question: "Am I ready?" Your answer will either be a source of comfort or th...

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Dr. David Silvernail: Sabbatical

Help! My Pastor's on Sabbatical! You need to keep going to church while I'm on sabbatical this summer. There, I said it. Preachers and congregations can get attached to each other, and it's a precious thing when it happens. Many of us have painful anecdotes of pastors and congregations marked by mutual distrust, apathy and even hostility. So when we find a church where ...

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